Emotionally-Intelligent Leadership Development
That Creates Impact and Makes Millions.


Emotionally-Intelligent Leadership Development
That Creates Impact and Makes Millions


You're already a leader - let's make you a titan.
We don't dabble in leadership. we redefine it.

We don't just consult.
We elevate high-EQ leaders and mission-driven companies into industry-shaping icons.

While others fixate on impact or revenue, we focus on both—amplifying social impact while adding millions to your bottom line. 

Welcome to leadership re-engineered for the impactful, the extraordinary, those committed to emotional intelligence. 

With frameworks designed to magnify emotional intelligence, we're not just elevating the game—we're rewriting it. 

Are you ready to scale both your
social influence and your revenue? Welcome home.


Women's Leadership & Executive Coaching

Beyond Glass Ceilings: Craft Your Mission-Driven Million-Dollar Body of Work® and an Iconic Personal Brand

You're not just a leader, you're a game-changer. We know that your mission is so deeply connected to your life and legacy that self-investment will always be a profound act of self-care, for you.

At Ks'Adore, we don't do basic. We're in the business of crafting your Million Dollar Body of Work®, eradicating systemic barriers, and turning up the volume on your brand until it's impossible to ignore. We're talking about claiming your space, multiplying your influence, and making serious bank. Ready to set the world on fire? 

 Emotionally- Intelligent Companies

Beyond Quotas and Mission Statements

Your mission is more than a tagline - it's the pulse of your organization. When competition is stiff, standing out is non-negotiable. At Ks'Adore, we elevate your team's emotional intelligence to not only unlock high-performance and massive profits but to make you the undeniable choice in your industry. Imagine magnetizing funding, deepening your impact, and securing clients who see you as the only option in a crowded field. Ready to become the high-EQ company that doesn't just compete but dominates? Click to level up.

Communications & Public Speaking

Beyond Soundbites: Step into the Spotlight with Communications

Step into the Spotlight with Communications Training that Amplifies Your Impact and Profits. You're a messenger with a mission, a brand, and a service that demands attention. Our training goes beyond the basics, diving deep into storytelling, public speaking, and media mastery. We equip you with the skills to not just be heard, but to resonate—turning every interaction into an opportunity for growth and revenue. Ready to command the room and captivate your audience? 

Meet the Founder of the Ks'Adore Leadership Institute

I’m Keisha Shields, certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner, leadership and organizational consultant, founder of the Ks’Adoré Leadership Institute, developer of the Million Dollar Body of Work® framework for leaders, and the creator of the She Will Not Be Silenced® podcast.

I’m the executive and leadership adviser that execs, organizations and thought leaders turn to when they’re ready to fully own their stories, claim their voices and develop a signature framework that allows them to serve others while championing their companies and organizations to millions.

Feel like You Don't Have a Seat at the Table?
Build Your Own Table.

Let’s Be Honest.

You already know that you are the best in the business. 

Actually, you ARE the business. You are the creme de la creme.

And everybody else knows it too. Now, you are here because you refuse to let yet another opportunity, collaboration, or million dollar moment slip through your fingers because you weren’t ready to cash in on it. It's time now. You ready?

Best in Class Leadership Training for your Biggest Goals

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the Latest in Thought Leadership

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Good, Better, Best: Elevate Your Public Speaking & Facilitation Skills

In the realm where words become more than just sounds, where they morph into instruments of profound inspiration, stands the art of public speaking and facilitation. It's a domain where mastery isn't just a goal; it should be a relentless pursuit. 

Here are a few advanced strategies that can help you unlock your true potential as a speaker or facilitator; taking you from good to better or from better to best, and from impactful to unforgettable...

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Fix this one issue first

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Find joy in the little things

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Breaking systemic barriers!

I gave a very technical presentation to a group of high-level decision makers. I was freaking out but I used Keisha's tips and tricks. Immediately after my presentation, I was offered a seat in a prestigious guild that I've been trying to get on.

It is a huge barrier that I have crossed as I would be not only one of the first women but definitely the first Black woman on this guild, and this is all thanks to Keisha.

People were highly engaged and even after my speech they were coming up to me asking more questions and wanting to have individual 1:1s with me and it was super rewarding.  It was my 2-3 year goal to get to this point which I got to in 10 months. Thank you, Keisha!


Tech founder

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